Call Management: Non-Negotiable VoIP Features You Should Avail


How do you get in touch with your customers? There are multiple mediums businesses use to communicate with their customers. Email and social media are most popular, but nothing beats having a call management system where customers can talk to a live operator. For starters, they thought that having the basics of VoIP is enough without considering the complexities they may encounter along the way. Though not all features are mandatory, there are non-negotiables that you should apply before setting up the VoIP system.

Call Recording for Quality Control

Mishandled calls, poor customer service, and other issues are not new to the game of call management. That’s why having a reliable call recording feature is a non-negotiable feature. Quality control has been a major focus of companies who are building a solid brand. These companies have their own “quality control” department because mistakes are inevitable. Control needs to be set up, analyzed to be effective in employing mobile traffic masters and operators track opportunities for improvement of a campaign.

Voicemail and or Call Forwarding

Customers don’t care if you are sleeping or working. They need their resolution as soon as possible. So, expect to receive calls beyond business hours and even on holidays. Voicemail and call forwarding are features that could help manage these calls. Companies who are operating on an international level need to deal with timezone and alexa traffic rank by country. Leading VoIP providers have added a voicemail extra feature that lets companies convert a voicemail into an email.

Auto-Attendant and/or IVR

phoneDo you have multiple departments? If yes, then IVR and auto-attendant features organize the incoming calls for you. Adding this feature instead of hiring a phone receptionist is a lot cheaper and efficient. For example, a customer calls to buy traffic, the IVR system will present options for the caller on what department she needs to talk to. Technically, this call should be transferred to the sales department, and IVR can do it for you. Setting up IVR efficiently results in more organize the day-to-day operation.

Advanced DND Feature

DND lets the staff manage their call without getting interrupted when there’s another incoming call waiting for them. Instead, a DND feature can transfer calls to another staff if the customer opted to or can send the call to a voicemail or a call back list. Setting up the advanced DND feature is as easy as the vimeo embed video because this feature is designed to be customized by the campaign itself or the users of the feature.

Conferencing For Collaborations and Polite Transfers

Conferencing feature is one of the most neglected features of VoIP but is not lesser significance compared to other features. Conferencing lets campaigns avoid inappropriate transfers to other departments by mandating them to introduce the caller to the next person who will take the call. Conferencing allows instagram embed code and collaboration. It can be used internally during team meetings and organizational engagement efforts.